MEXT Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas Evolinguistics: Integrative Studies of Language Evolution for Co-creative Communication

What is Evolinguistics?

  • With “hierarchy” and “intention sharing” as the two main conceptual grounds, we elucidate the mechanism of language evolution (co-creative language evolution) by integrating these two.
  • We advocate a future form of communication for continued existence of human beings.

The purpose of this project is to build and establish Evolinguistics as an interdisciplinary science of co-creative language evolution.


Evolutionary Linguistics

A scientific endeavor to elucidate when human language began under what kind of biological adaptation, how it took its present form through what kind of mechanism, and how it will change in the future.


  • Under the influence of the COVID-19,   sorry to cancel below events:
    • Symposium on March 4th
    • Symposium on March 9th
    • International seminar on march 17th
  • International seminar to be held on March 17th, 2020 at the University of Tokyo Komaba campas.  For detail, please refer to event page  (2020/2/6)
  • An article “Did kindness prime our species for language?” posted in Science Magazine, Aug 3, Vol 361, Issue 6401.  Please refer to the Research Output page for details.(2018/8/29)
  • “Evolinguistics 2018”, our first large-scale international symoisia, will be held from August 1st through 9th in Tokyo and Kyoto.  For details, please refer to the special website.(2018/7/12)
  • EVOSLACE: Workshop on the emergence and evolution of social learning, communication, language and culture in natural and artificial agents will be held on July 25th, 2018 at Miraikan, as a part of ALIFE 2018.  Please refer to Event page for details(2018/6/12)
  • Workshop “the (co-)evolution of genes, languages, and music from data analyses to theoretical models”, co-funded by Evolinguistics and University of Zurich, will be held on July 17th Tue at KIBR Yokohama City University.  For details, please refer to Event Page.(2018/6/1)
  • International Symposium:Cutting Edge Technology for EEG Data Analysis will be held on June 23rd Sat 12:30-17:30 at  U Tokyo Komaba I campus.  For details, plese refer to the Event Page.(2018/5/25)
  • International Symposium for “Potentials and Perspectives of Communication among Humans and Agents Including Robots and Animals” will be held at Kitakyushu Science and Research Park on May 22 & 23.  Please see the event page for details.(2018/5/15)
  • The 3rd  Whole Group Meeting will be held on May 12th Sat at The University of Tokyo (Komaba).  Please refer to Event page for details.(2018/4/24)
  • Tokyo Conference on Evolinguistics will be held on Marh 7th Wed at University of Tokyo (Komaba), please refer to Event page for details.(2018/1/29)
  • Our facebook official page and twitter account opened. Click icons at the top-right corner.(2017/12/14)
  • A Seminar on “Fish hearing and communication” will be held on December 8th Fri at The University of Tokyo. For details, please refer to Event page.(2017/12/7)
  • Seminars on Birdsong will be held on October 23rd Mon at The University of Tokyo. For details, please refer to Event page.(2017/10/20)
  • Seminar on Linguistics and Biology will be held on November 10th Fri at Kyoto University.  For details, please refer to Event page(2017/10/18)
  • Kyoto Conference on Evolinguistics will be held on November 10th Fri at Kyoto University.  For details, please refer to Event page.(2017/10/16)
  • Public call for research grant applications posted(2017/9/6)
  • Official Home Page opened(2017/9/1)
  • Meeting Information on Public Call for Research Grant Briefing including Research Overview is now available. Download from here(2017/8/30)
  • The book Archeology of Cultural Evolution (ed. by H. Nakao, T. Matsuki and N. Minaka) will be published by Keiso Shobo. It features the paper “Theory of Contemporary Cultural Evolution” by our B02 Project Leader Yasuo Ihara.(2017/8/26)
  • Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan 21(1) features contributions by our members on “Excavating Phonetic/Phonological Fossils in Language: Current Trends in Evolutionary Linguistics,” edited by Shin-ichi Tanaka, A01 Co-project Leader.(2017/8/26)
  • Our Head Investigator Kazuo Okanoya will publish a collection of book reviews highly relevant to our project.  Can the Brain Read the Mind? – 90 Books to Understand the Evolution of Mind.(2017/8/4)
  • Dates & venue for Project Kick-off Meeting and Discussions with Briefing of Call for Research Application determined [9/19 Tue in Kyoto, 9/24 Sun in Tokyo](2017/8/3)
  • A01 will host an invited lecture in linguistics.(2017/7/11)
  • A tentative project home page has been created(2017/7/11)
  • The 1st meeting of the management team was held(2017/7/11)