Purpose of the Research Project

Kazuo Okanoya
Head Investigator
Kazuo Okanoya
(Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

The purpose of this research project is twofold: First, we aim to construct a scenario of language evolution which is consistent with linguistics, biology, and human evolutionary and developmental studies, the adequacy of which is to be evaluated by constructive methods including mathematical models. Second, based on the scenario we make proposals for our successful future communication. Through these endeavors, our goal is to form a new area of human science which studies language evolution for co-creative communication. We call it Evolinguistics.

Language is an epoch-making technology which allowed humans to integrate individual knowledge into civilizations. Currently we are about to create new forms of communication based on language and information technology. We believe that by understanding the origins and evolution of language we can attain a deeper clarifying of our human nature and design our successful future communication. We try to provide solutions to today’s problems, including international conflicts brought about by globalization, welfare gaps caused by unequal information accessibility and mal-adaptiveness to rapidly changing communication styles.


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